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Who we are?

We are a young, vibrant and sustainable tourism; born between Sea and Mountains, during 2014, in the so-called Gate of the Chilean Patagonia, our majestic Llanquihue Province.
In this short time of existence, we have earned a space and recognition within local tour operators thanks to the innovative and personalized approach that we have accomplished our printing services.


We are inspired by the sustainable development of our people and the preservation of our biodiversity, that ethnic, cultural and natural melting pot that characterizes this particular territorial enclave, which offers endless possibilities for recreation, relaxation, culture and fun to the national economy and foreigner who expect love, through a service that goes beyond mere contemplation or buy a package tour round.

Why us?

Because we understand that this journey, often over long distances, is for our distinguished visitors a search and opportunity to take home a unique, vital and enduring experience; to return to their original destination with the satisfaction of having made the best investment.

Because we have the support of the National Tourism Service (Sernatur), the Chamber of Tourism of Puerto Varas, which are partners and tour operators; as well as important showcases abroad, as the Expo 2015 Bariloche Patagonia Chile and Patagonia International Card card.

Because there is a logistical and micro craft, farmer and gastronomic venture, which is part of our policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the inhabitants of the Lake Llanquihue and Carretera Austral chain behind us.

Because we have the professional skills and international certifications to provide quality service at the highest level.

Our services

Paleo Chile offers excursions and tours to different places of interest within the region of Los Lagos, concentrating its services primarily in the coastal edge of the Great Basin of Lake Llanquihue, Todos Los Santos and Reloncaví; also developing attractive and challenging circuits for the Outdoor segment, and the pre cordillera Andes Mountains.

Importantly Paleo Chile has certified guides and operates under the Nch 03067 2013 for Tour Operators; Nch2950 2005 for specialized guides; and NDR, WFR, among others.

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