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What is Paleo?


Stronger and Functional with Natural Method

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The word method in an original way, points the way that leads to a place or an object by extension the term.

The paleo culture has a globalizing or integrative look at our ancestors were able to Upper Paleolithic, both for its physical qualities as the technology applied for survival against an environmental stress, requesting them from being able to all children and work in the community or clan to sustain physical life style for thousands of years.

They are not so far away.

This is "the physical path", ie imagine being children and crawl, jump here and there, balancing what you want, lift, play with heavy stones in the water and dive, climb any tree, walk step fast with a stone on the head, running zigzag between trees, fall and run; anyway ... "The natural method". I ask not fear the word method like a code of strict rules. "A return to nature in a rational and progressive manner", without forcing, is the way to start Hébert pointed us in the practice of this exercise (the Cro-Magnon I add, as the greatest hunter).

The context of the natural method

It must be noted that in the late eighteenth century changed the look of nature, and linked with healthy, welfare, and income to her seeking healing. A prominent philosopher of that era was Rousseau, who defined nature as a sacred place and proposed another type of interaction between human beings and the environment.

In the late nineteenth century naturalism arises, and early twentieth century natural medicine is developed, highlighting hygiene therapy and adherence to a natural and healthy life, to mitigate the effects of modern life.Whether you are talking about it at that time!

Hébert, the creator of the natural method is between physical education and naturalism and emerges in the early twentieth century as a counterpart to other systems of physical culture, as the Swedish method, which is characterized by the analytic and decontextualized their approaches. Rousseau Hébert making it the ideas presented in Emile's education, his great work called "Emile," who is an imaginary, rich and orphan student, who lives in the country, and noble family, because Rousseau thought they were the worst educated at that time. Emilio should be educated in the field of many activities and specifically, in the second stage of life of Emilio, learning physical activity as the hub of its existence must be present, proporcionándosele activities that are useful through experience nature. Hébert take these ideas and aims to develop a method of physical practice defining and grading movements that a child should learn progressively to enter adulthood as a fully useful, be agile hands and feet, and energetic, as he saying like "Emile" of Rousseau.

Continue "The Path"

Hébert invited men to simultaneously develop the physical and mental faculties; was concerned and criticized the idea of body building no other meaning than mere aesthetics as ultimate goal, and gave special emphasis to the transmission of values such as altruism and virility, and the idea of utilitarianism as the core of moral action.

We add natural method, therefore, the dominant moral idea is utilitarianism. Two structures of thought, the structure of the physical activity itself, with which I began this article, and that is to take account of the method 10 skills and subservient to the imagination and creativity are then collected. The other structure has a pro social or utilitarian quality, and involves looking at the nature of actions to be useful, to really become the practice in utilitarian or functional, cooperative and prepared beings. That is why it is agreeable to practice, in continuous mode, how to lift people or how to rescue someone from the water. It is a good that is done to the community with the practice of this style, because eventually I can have self-control in any emergency situation and help without hesitation, because I know do (be prepared).

Georges Hébert develops the idea of utilitarianism, and so they said:

"Being strong means being developed in a complete and useful way"

"... Nature is presented as an ideal place to train the altruistic force, having little chance of living everyday triumphs, teach self-control in an inhospitable environment with joy and wellbeing therefore means all the work is based on utility of the shares in nature, adapted to the modern urban life in relation to practical activities of social life "

The task of living the natural method at its finest and strictness inevitably leads to questions about individual goals that everyone had to begin, as they may vary. First, the nature invites you to be strong, and if you are a beginner the results jump in sight very quickly. Drop down or goes ... And begins to move regardless of what people say!

The objectives of the practice of this style can range from the acquisition of health and joy, seek or desire mobility performance, among others.

A pulsion

Soon you will feel a sense of wanting to be stronger, leaner, faster, more balanced, more stable, more coordinated, more precise, more responsive; In short, you want to be capable of anything. The feedback that occurs with nature to engage her, it indicates the accumulation of capabilities to develop. After a couple of months practicing you think you're covering all objectives without realizing it, and checking you live day to day practical and useful it is the natural method in your daily life. Do not forget that our practice in this region of the world allows us to be fundamentalists and be every day in nature as a team. As I say sometimes: Spartan Race Everyday .The state of nervous alert is always packed, we will never lay a row in a small boat that you can close your eyes to go to "Neverland".

I referred to the objectives, because suddenly one wants to be become a athlete, but your initial goals were simple or just for naturalism. The game comes in without trouble, since you must be careful. It is not going to go up a couple of trees or throwing a few stones if you want to take seriously the method. Should apply concepts such as execution time or repetitions to run, the progression of speed, distances to face a movement, the progression of the height from which it falls, the irregularity of the terrain, the continuous working time, episodes with or without a rest break, days of strength and power, ensure that the exercises can be executed one after another. That is, you must plan.


There are several ways to plan a workout and one of the best known is thinking 3 or 4 exercises paleo and run them as a whole; ie, that set of exercises is a set or round or combo, or whatever you say. The sets can be repeated from 3 to 5 times. Should be treated effectively exercise paleo not invent. It takes time employee.

You thought it was just going to lie on the lawn, throwing a few stones and run around? Well, I notice that although your initial goal had been only the welfare, soon your brain calls for more action. Only you're motivating, and your psychological faculties - Physical developed almost without realizing it. Not the same feel happiness by 5 kilos lift more than the previous month, which make it to a branch for fear that you produced the flight to get to it. Imagine, fears are overcome. I will come to mind the situation of a friend who is now able to dive into the water and before he was terrified; or be seen with reflections of fear to achieve catch something in a split second. It happens that no press or compete, but those wins will applaud.

There are also plans to train one or two specific skills, technical training would be that a movement is studied in all its facets, from the simplest to the most complex attempt from different points of view. In those moments you're creating new goals because you might want to go further in a jump or climb a hill with a stone over by 200 meters by 20 meters each side squats.As if there was a click that puts you in vertigo way of thrilling action and always alert!

In planning should always be considered as possible make the next skill, that is, if the episode is of jumps, then the next move may be the climbs, where there is an emphasis on the legs in the first case and the in the second arms. In continuous mode, 3 repetitions for each move, tirelessly and for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Incidentally, there are multiple types of jumps, not left with the typical jump to the box, Appeal to your creativity!

In future articles I'll specifying the types or systems of training, there is a method trying, slowly ... but surely.


In order to feel freer, I invite you to read about the lifestyle of Paleolithic. I was particularly interested in prehistory and many practitioners of paleo fitness too, to analyze and to dream the lifestyle of the Paleolithic, since we have no records deeded over their physical feats, just mere speculation based on archaeological remains.

It is useful to go back and imagine the station time to perform field if snow or jungle, actions to be taken from the camp gets up to continue the "way" that leads us to the next station or target planned.

Ah! Do not want you to misunderstand me and left with the impression of candor in my look back for nothing! When I plan a workout and take into consideration the above, I am with resounding face, thinking of all the physical reach as proprioception capabilities, the temporal relationship - space with the environment, training under the stress of a time or planned challenge, climb slopes a thousand times with "breaks" exercise paleo or climb trees by applying a time plan. And all this in nature. Better to wait that creativity comes into play. Training will never be the same as above, variability calls for changes in the environment, and variability is in the head, gives freedom.

Natural method and be strong to be useful, are words that intertwine sure, but how strong or useful wanna be will always depend on everyone and the more you find in the way "out of the cage" free will ... More you feel. The natural method is a gradation, definition and clear progression of exercises that lead you to your well-being and re-evolve in your initial objectives.

And "Emile" of Rousseau, we must go on increasing progression, without taking unnecessary risks and trying to live even for a moment the stage where everything is playing in nature, but using a method that lets you be free and strong without competing, but developing performance.

Finally, we presented the greatest hunter of all time, and thither want to go, revive primitive movement patterns in me and whoever towards health, happiness, altruistic force, challenge, performance and far want to imagine. The window to look at the past is already open, and not enough to stick his head through it ... Now we have to skip it!

It is an honor to have your attention until the next article.


Author: Alvaro Dominguez


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