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Come and live a magical experience

Paleo Chile offers the experience of the hunter-gatherer, through the practice of the 10 skills "Natural Method"; which takes place in different locationsin the middle of the lush nature of southern Chile, and/or in the magical scenery offered by the city of Puerto Varas, with its parks, hills and beaches.

This, using as fitness tools all the elements existing in the environment that, through imagination and training, can be adapted to the biomechanics of the human body elements.

In this way, we bring back to present the primitive movement patterns to achieve a comprehensive and entertaining fitness to practice individually or in groups. This service is aimed foreign or domestic tourists, delegations, individuals, schools and institutions and companies that want to actively enjoy nature and strengthen their skills and teamwork.

Activity: Live the hunter-gatherer experience through the "Paleo Tour" in an attractive and unique circuit in Chile, which will transport you to the Paleolithic era of the first inhabitants of the Chilean Patagonia, 10,000 years ago. This through the Paleo, an adventure sport that will pass through the native forest, ancient caves, trails and viewpoints in a way he never imagined.

Price: $35.000 p/p

Duration: Half day. Departure 09:45 AM.

Includes: Paleo Snack.

Optional: -

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